George at Asda Internship – Buying and Merchandising

Hey Lovelies, I’m back!

So after a hectic past few months, I started working a full time and part time job… it’s been crazy!

But I thought what better than to write up my experience at George, for those starting my course in September and also advice for those who are looking for placements/work experience. As you know if you follow my posts, I won a work placement at George at Asda at their Head Office in June for two weeks to join their Buying and Merchandising team.

George is an amazing place, their Head Office in Lutterworth is lovely, near pretty villages and sights to see. Even the people were beyond accommodating, the directors were as humble as the receptionists, which from what I have heard not every fashion brand functions the way George do.

This was the most worrying part for me – thinking little me will walk in to this bit fashion brand, people walking round with Chanel and Chihuahuas… okay maybe I watch too many chick flicks, but that’s what I thought it would be like, Devil wears Prada and all that.

But seriously, maybe it was because this is a brand that sits in the value sector, everyone is a lot more down to earth, I would definitely recommend applying here for a first experience as they love taking on undergraduates.

My first week consisted of Merchandising, I knew this was not my desired career but remember it is good to build knowledge and understanding of other roles as Buyers and Merchandisers work very closely together, it is important to work together and understand the responsibilities of each others roles.

I attended supplier meetings in Leister, now a Merchandiser meets with suppliers to talk numbers, negotiate prices and talk about what is selling well and what isn’t, it was more interesting than it sounds. I accompanied the Merchandiser throughout the week whereby we looked at working towards critical paths, assisting the Buyer in range builds and workshops.

The second week was more to my taste, working along side the Buyer I was able to produce my very own comp shop for June 2018. This was analysing George’s competitors and what they are doing differently, what George are missing. My work was then shown in the next Range Build and Selection. Exciting stuff!

I attended so many buying supplier meetings, designers would bring in masses of products and we would sit there and pick which fabric/colours/shapes would best suit the George customer.

At the end of my two weeks at George, it fell to my luck that the world cup had started so George hosted a party on my last day! Me and the girls took place in the quizzes and games, it really was lovely. And to top it off the ladies I worked with brought me a bottle of fizz and a card as a thank you for all my hard work. I loved my experience at George, I fully recommend experience in the value sector.

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