Buying and Merchandising Module

Hey Lovelies!

So if you follow my fashion Instagram (@meganlilyfashion) you will know I recently finished my Trend Forecasting module… what a relief, it is literally the best feeling when a module is over.
But due to our rubbish, unpredictable English weather the snow interrupted our deadline so as a result it was extended. At first it was a woo moment… until we realised we didn’t get a chance to breathe in between modules 😩
So, Buying & Merchandising began! A module I thought I would actually be rubbish at. Our task –

To work on a live project for George at Asda, developing a SS range for 2019 producing a range development book and a range presentation to present.

But I have to say I was so excited when we were told we would be working on our first live project, fit for industry.
We had guest speaker, Laura Rock, Denim Buyer at George informing us about who George are and who their core consumer is. She also taught us about the role of a Buyer and supporting roles such as the Designers and Merchandiser. This was helpful when considering ideas for my range.

Range Development Book –

I enjoyed developing this book, as you can tell with over 100 pages! My final concept involved creating an eco range as I thought it would work well for George to tap into this trend, relating to their core consumers values.

Range Presentation Slides –

A few days later I received an email telling me I, along with seven other girls got shortlisted to present at George Headquaters in Birmingham in front of their Buying team Ahhhhhhh! Keep it cool… I feel so privileged to be given this opportunity. All my hard work has paid off and now I have the opportunity to present in front of industry professionals. Buying is definitely a strong point for me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
I will update you all with my experience at George on a later date, but for now I hope you enjoyed this post!






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