Trend Forecasting Module

I can honestly say I have just completed the hardest two months yet, my experience of Trend Forecasting was difficult and challenging yet completely opened my eyes to the way I look at people and concepts.

In the beginning, I was so confused at being told to analyse everything around me… in one of our first lectures we were told to walk around Digbeth in Birmingham and analyse anything ‘new’… this didn’t go down too well though as all we ended up doing was taking 10 million pictures with the street art and then forgetting why we actually went there!

These pictures really make me miss the sun!

But anyway… at the beginning of the term we had guest speakers from World Global Style Network (WGSN) leading Trend Forecasters, who were really informative and helpful as their website became a massive part of my research for the assignments.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Els Draught, Trend Forecaster, to talk about her How To Research Trends book and to teach the process of Trend Forecasting. The important thing I learnt from her was to look beyond the obvious, taking in our surroundings and relating this to the mood of the people.

Trends is really tricky to get your head around, as it is understanding how to completely change the way you think and look at everything. Even what people are eating for breakfast or what new buildings are being developed.

I really enjoyed creating my own trend called Wasteful Souls, as I feel strongly about the increase of plastic waste pollution in the seas and overfilling landfills, therefore I decided to translate what makes a Wasteful Soul into a trend…

A Wasteful Soul is an individual of the young generation buying into more sustainable brands such as Stella McCartney and multi-national brands commuting to sustainability in order to stay relevant for our changed needs and values of ethical fashion. As well political changes such as Plastic Tax and Brexit having such an influence on the way we are making a difference to the environment, as now it is directly affecting us.

Looking back, I loved researching this topic and I enjoyed translating this research into my trend of Womenswear jackets and outerwear for Autumn Winter 2018.

But that’s the end of my diary entry and me going on about my module. I hope this has been helpful for a few of the requests I received from people starting my course this September. I’ll make sure to keep you updated!


M x

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