Beautiful Berlin

Where do I even start this post about my trip to Germany…

Well, I’ll start by saying I stayed here for 3 nights in a qwerky hotel called Hotel Transit Loft. A very creative place to stay with art, pattern and design inspiration plastered all over the hotel. German breakfasts are a little strange however to say the least – plenty quiossants with ham and cheese, which is a traditional German breakfast (me being English I stuck with toast and cereal thanks)

But anyway, on to the reason I actually went to Germany… first of all Berlin was on my bucket list of the 100’s of countries I want to visit, but Germany is also notorious for its beautiful creative cities. Which matched well with my research for Trends Forecasting.

Day 1 consisted of visiting the Checkpoint Charlie museum, call me a little history geek but I love learning about the cities I visit, and I was pretty gutted when I forgot to visit the concentration camps. But anyway, the museum learnt us about the history of the Berlin Wall, separating East from West, this Wall had huge participation in the outbreak of creativity and freedom with the people living in Germany. Later that day we visited the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery itself.

On Day 2 we visited the Bauhaus Museum, with a contrast between abstract and representational photography. I spent most my time here staring at the abstract pieces so confused and to be honest I just didn’t get it – definitely not a fan. I prefer lifestyle photography, of people and how we live.

Later on consisted of more exploring, and of course I found the mall of Berlin…

This place was crazy… 9 floors made up of Womenswear, Menswear, Designer Fashion, Food courts and so much more. Of course the mall had its own mini German Market, as did every town in Berlin. We visited a bigger one however afterwards, it was so beautiful!

Day 3 we visited the Guy Boursin exhibition, this was my favourite out of the three we visited. Some beautiful fashion photography and interesting to find out the reasons behind his controversial interests.

Later, we visited the Brandenburg Gate that makes Berlin famous and is the top sight seeing in Berlin. And I went there.

Overall, Berlin left me amazed at the beauty of its city. Each time just jumping on and off the underground leaving us in a new city, felt like we were in a different county each time… so much culture and passion in keeping the towns vibrant and creative. It is a privilege to be able to mark Germany off on my map.


M x

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