My First Module – How To Get Top Grades

Hey Lovelies,

So today was a good day.

I received a first grading on my report concluding Fashion Business Context, my first university module!

I can’t describe how over the moon I am – making things even better, I’m off to Berlin, Germany, tomorrow! Celebrations are needed I think.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to give a little advice about how to tackle your first module, because a post like this would of been really helpful for me when I was first starting – I didn’t have a clue about grading systems. I don’t quite know how I did it, but I can tell you how I went about it and hopefully it helps you!

1. You get out what you put into it.

It sounds old school guys, but trust me. Hard work seriously pays off. If you think to yourself I’ve spent crazy hours researching and putting into your assessment, your guaranteed a pass… unless you have done the complete opposite to what you were supposed to. In which case, I don’t think you should be in university… 😂

2. Listen to your lecturers, ask for their advice on everything.hey are there to help, and luckily I had amazing lecturers for this first module. Everything I did I would ask, does this look okay? Does this sound right? And they will answer… truthfully. And then point you in the right direction for those top marks.

3. Produce new and original content.<<<<<<<<<<<<<< em>’think outside the box’ way too often but coming from me, at university level moderators love new new new. This confused me at first too, because I thought what is ‘new’? I contacted Stella McCartney press office, going above and beyond to find out things other people would of never thought of doing. Also travelling to Bicester Village to interview store managers, to get exclusive interviews. This is all new.< strong>Finally, especially if you are doing a creative subject, be quirky, imaginative and fit your design skills to the aim of your assessment.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
nts too text heavy, you will already put the moderator off reading your report. Be creative with your images and layout, ensuring they are good quality and aren’t pixilated in any way. Also, explore and take your own photography… it looks good that you are going above and beyond to find relevant photos to suit your report.

I really hope this will help you either now or in the future, thanks for reading lovelies!


M x

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