My Advice For Starting University

Don’t do it!

I’m joking of course. Settling into University has been natural, even when commuting, it’s easy to get the most out of uni life even if it means staying in someone’s accommodation you only met the night before but now your best friends!

I’ve had a lot of requests for this post, and people messaging me asking for advice. So let me talk a little about my course, Fashion Business and Promotion.

First of all, I have no ‘fashion’ background, just a passion. I studied A-Levels in Media, English and Communications and have GCSE’s in Textiles and Art which you could say connect in a creative sense, but in no way is this crucial for my degree.

Many people (as I did) worry before hand about studying what they hold an interest for, because they feel ‘I’ll be behind because I don’t have relevant studies’ and that’s what my tutors told me too.

But let me tell you, it’s not true. I have met previous Law students who are smashing Fashion assessments!

If you have a passion – GO WITH IT. It will shine through in your work.

As for Birmingham City University, it’s ace. The area is also underestimated, with so many beautiful places to visit such as Digbeth, (which is where we are in the picture below) the creative expression is truly inspiring and is not appreciated enough!

I can’t speak on behalf of other subjects, but if you are considering studying a Fashion and Textiles course, I highly recommend BCU. The new building is dedicated to us, kitted out with Apple Macs and all the facilities we need, such as photo studios, professional cameras – oh and a Starbucks (which is where majority of my money is spent.)

Also, the amazing lecturers including designers for Burberry and Marketing PR Business owners, who support you 24/7 on modules and reassure you they are only an email away for any enquiries.

Guest talks also take place to support each module, making connections with the likes of WGSN and Els Dragt (Trend Forecasting Expert) and trips are made available all year round. My upcoming Berlin trip is in December, so I can visit a real German Christmas market this year (excited!)

So let’s talk Freshers…

I attended several events, my favourite was Glitter Party. Any excuse to wear glitter on every single body part is my ticket already booked! Each event is pretty much the same though, meet up… have pictures… and drink.

The atmosphere is incredible though, and the way you bond with people in just a week is unbelievable. My best advice would be to just make sure to mix! Meet new people, move out your comfort zone and adventure with new groups and societies to really meet as many individuals as possible! You’ll be surprised how many of these people become your closest, most trusted friends.

In a summary, my top tips would be to be sociable, passionate, adventurous and above all…

Be You.

I hope this has helped you guys, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to message me.


M x

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