BCU Fashion Design Catwalk Show 2017 Top 5

T A K I N G place shortly after Graduate Fashion Week in London, the annual BA (Hons) Fashion Design Catwalk was set up for another year in Birmingham New Street Station to showcase Birmingham City Universities graduate designer talent, showcasing their collections to the eyes of the media, journalists and fashionistas who love a good catwalk show (such as myself!)

BCU stepped up the game in this years catwalk.

B E I N G a first year student, the experience was eye-opening, and reassuring in the sense that I knew I had chosen the best university and a course that was so perfect for me. Many students studying different degrees to Fashion Design and those who attend different universities still took huge inspiration from the work of the students collections. Being a Fashion Business and Promotion student, I have taken inspiration from the amount of detail, and different ways of looking at things, as these designers have done to make their amazing collections come alive.

Enjoy my top three picks from this years catwalk and watch the full catwalk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIIT2DkKM_4

T H I R D on the list was the second to take the catwalk, a collection by Elina May Pagett (Instagram – @elinamaypagett) who specialises in Womenswear.

“Elina was inspired by a beauty pageant in the 1970’s that got ambushed by feminists.”

I adore the thought behind this collection, juxtaposing the beauty standards between pageant girls and punk girls. Her collection consisted of contrasts between feminine detail and saturated badges with inspiration from 70’s magazines, punk images, girly household items and slogans. I LOVE a little embroidery at the moment therefore her collection was most certainly rememberable!


H O L D I N G fourth place on my top picks, the collection by Daisy Earle (Instagram – @daisyearle) specialising in Menswear.

This collection was much more focused upon technical elements, visiting exhibitions to gain influence of the techniques explorers had to use to survive in the most extreme environments on the planet.

She combines fashion and endurance, using these techniques in unusual ways, because no-one loves boring clothes – right?



A T third place is designer Monika Jauneikaite (Instagram – @monikajaun)


Is her opening statement for ‘Two Spirits a/w’17’. Focusing on gender equality, stereotypes and the influence of a world whereby ‘gender’ does not exist, everyone can be themselves.

Oversized tailored shapes, knit and various fabric combinations bring this collection to life.



S E C O N D place is taken by Jemma Farley (Instagram – @jemmaafarleyinsta) Womenswear designer.

We managed to interview Jemma for at the end of the show, to ask what inspired her collection. She told us that deeper thought behind the designs, was representing the overall wellbeing of a patients mental health through numbers – each individual receives treatment based on numbering.

This collection is not only beautiful to look at, but raises awareness for mental illness being non visible unlike physical illness.


F I N A L L Y holding first place was the collection to kick start BCU Fashion Catwalk by Georgina Jenkins who specialises in Menswear.

“Georgina was inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusuma, a Japanese artist and writer”

She says she is “mostly interested in the reasoning why she creates her art and the reason behind it”. Her collection was a favourite because of the vibrant colour, textile fabric, knit and clasps with knit and fur creating that casual feel – the faux fur coat was my favourite from the collection.




Stay posted for my next blog about a recent collaboration!


M x

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