London Fashion Week – Holly Fulton Presentation

It has always been a dream of mine to attend London Fashion Week and meet all the designers, influencers and photographers that also attend…

So, funnily enough, Friday whilst lay in bed watching Netflix and eating about 10 packets of crisps, I check my email to find an invitation to the Holly Fulton collection presentation my cousin had forwarded to me… I nearly choked on my crisps but I was absolutely over the moon.

The only downfall with LFW is that you have to have invites to every event going, otherwise you end up stood outside taking photos of people protesting (which I also did). Even the protests were fascinating, and turns out they were actually really helpful for my first module at Uni.

They gathered in a protest outside a LFW guest event, they didn’t really do much apart from one lady was repeatedly screaming down a fog horn which also deafened me.

It was frightening, yet exciting, how passionate these individuals were.

What was also amazing was the sheer amount of talented photographers I met outside LFW, Stephen Allen (Instagram – @byStephenAllen) and Luca Parodi (Instagram – @hewilondon) who were amazing at what they do. The photos they took were incredible and from what I heard, their experiences from all over the world were also incredible and are definitely worth a follow.

But – anyway, the main highlight for me was obviously the HF presentation whereby we were greeted with Gin & Tonic (don’t mind if I do) and taken upstairs into rooms that were covered in Holly Fulton designs. From wallpaper, sofas and rugs, to the beautifully designed garments worn by the models. The presentation was amazing.

My favourite being the trousers below due to the amazing print, and I’m a sucker for some beautiful wide leg trousers.

I felt so in my element, photographers and fashion students around me all sharing the same enthusiasm for Holly’s work, and on that note what made it even better is that Holly herself was lovely and was hilarious when she was getting interviewed for a Fashion blog channel.

So, there’s my LFW experience summed up in a short post, what will forever be in my memories.

By Mègan Lily x

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