You Can Go, But These Colours Can Stay

Everyone has their go-to colour(s). Even for a while during the ‘All black everything’ stage my wardrobe consisted of black, greys and whites, thank god I added colour to my life!

But colour preference varies from person to person and are usually based upon whether or not colours will match with our existing wardrobe, the liking of light and dark shades, and how a colour can compliment our skin tone – choosing colours is a tricky subject… but when you find your colour, it will look so good on and will release your inner Beyoncé!

Iuntitled-2.png absolutely love yellow at the moment as my go-to, and has proved to be the colour trend across summer 2017. So easy to match up with navy, grey and brown tones, and perfect for practically every skin tone.

I have attached a perfect wardrobe colour guide that every woman needs right now, which makes matching up new colours with your existing wardrobe a whole lot easier!



Megan Lily x

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