How To Survive A-Level Stress

So, with my second year exams over and done with I have never felt so relived – I thought my first year exams were stressful! I have had a few requests from younger friends going through the same I was last September, with A2 stress already kicking in, so I felt the need to pull a post together.

First year isn’t so bad… just getting the grades to stay on until next year, but second year is when you know if you don’t get the grades your screwed – or at least that’s what you think, and that’s what the lectures will make you believe. Here’s a few tips that may help…

First, the most important thing to remember is to try your best and don’t listen to what anyone else has to say, there are always alternative routes even if you don’t get your desired grades – don’t stress, it isn’t the end of the world (even though it really feels like it is.)

Secondly, enjoy your studies and make the most of your time. I can’t stress how important it is for you to make the most of those 5/10 minute breaks in between lessons. Although it’s tempting to drift off up town for some food as me and my friend did majority of the time, be self disciplined and organise your time wisely, there’s plenty of time to eat 24/7 when exams are over!

Another tip is to simply turn up and listen to your lecturers. It sounds silly, but make the most of all the resources they give you, if your like me and have a lazy teacher for a subject that never gave me anything, then improvise, an amazing website that I wish someone would have told me about earlier to print off resources is for all subjects.

Finally, in regards to revision, exams come around fast when you begin A2 so a massive tip would be to save trying to cram in so much at once, begin revising at around Christmas time.  Instead of doing a me and saying “I’ll start revision tomorrow” since November, and before you realise it’s May, coming up to exam season before you actually begin. Oops.

Strategies that really helped me that you could try is this technique: Take a piece of paper, choose a topic from any subject and write everything you know about that subject – without notes! When you have emptied your brain, go back to your notes and compare what you didn’t know. Go back and revise any spaces you couldn’t write down. This worked really well for me and highlights what you don’t know well enough to focus your revision. Other ways could be simple mind maps, flashcards, doing practice papers and getting them marked or teaching someone else. Try them all!

Bit of a serious post – but I really hope this has helped to those who requested some advice. Stressing can make you really ill, don’t let anxiety get the better of you during exams because before you know it, all of the temporary pain will be over. Don’t forget to give yourself some time away from revision also. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Megan Lily x

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