February Fashion Picks


But how to wear them? Having a major comeback in Autumn, the fishnet craze is probably one of those accessories you’ve pondered upon, only to result in the “I couldn‘t pull that off” verdict. However, they are super easy to work into your existing wardrobe with a simple pair of ripped jeans or even to show a few inches above your waistband,  offering a  way more exciting and  fashion-forward edge to your look in comparison to those boring opaque tights we result to when the temps get too low.

I’ve rounded off a few looks to give you a little inspiration to try the trend and the best part is you can get this spicy simple accessory for under £10.


An absolute fav… purely because I hate getting out of bed in the morning into the cold.

If you struggle to brave the cold outside every morning, just purchase a puffer jacket – then every day is a duvet day!

Not the most obvious fashion garment as they are built for warmth and comfort, but also provide that extra edge to your everyday winter look and lets face it, they look better than trying to cram on as many layers as possible.

Instead, wear a puffer jacket with any outfit and fuse with any colours.

#3. PERSPEX heels

Also called ‘The nothing shoe’ as there is literally, nothing there. The transparent Perspex are the easiest heels to match up with any outfit – whether it be for a daytime look with a cute denim jacket or for that night-time steeze, pair Perspex’s with a cute little skirt and cold shoulder tee.

Or even an black everything with a pair of smokey Perspex ankle boots.

In my opinion, if you are loving the idea of this look, Public Desire Star Perspex heel ankle boots are perfect for that steeze night time look at £19.99.


Whether it be a cute little button up shirt with denim jeans and flats, or a little slip on dress, adding a silk/satin texture to your wardrobe will give your look that cutting-edge effect and a little more punch.

My fav celebrity icon, Chiara Feraggni brings this trend to life, she wears the combo top and trousers for a more dressed up look and a cute little slip dress for that evening look.

I also added blogger Alexa Chung’s satin-silk button up  jacket, she absolutely kills this look! Combined with denim jeans and topped off with some cute little strap heels. It’s such an easy look!


Megan Lily x

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