Elegant Touch False Nails Brand Review

So, I thought I would review my most recent purchase – Elegant Touch false nails as I have never been a big fan of falsies. I usually find them to be too much hassle. Using too much glue, running out of glue, nails pinging off left, right and centre.

However, I passed them in Superdrug a few days ago I felt I had to purchase them, simply because of their amazing designs and varieties of patterns – so much so that I didn’t want to leave the stand!

“Endless designs for every occasion!”

As a result, over the past few days a lot of people (even those who I don’t know) have stopped to compliment me on my nails and have been shocked at the fact they are only press on! The picture below is the set I have on at the moment ‘Havana Holiday’ with a rose gold design. Every outfit looks better with a nice set of nails!

I am so fed up of sitting for hours on end in the nail salon, just so that my nails look nice for one night out.  I honestly didn’t trust press on nails and never would of even gave them a second look but their range is endless and are so convenient for those last minute plans!

To top it off, they are currently on a three for two deal! So although they are £8 for each pack, it includes 24 nails, so basically two sets! The other two I purchased are in the image below. I went for one from the nude range for that every day, casual look and I could not resist the ‘Bora Bora Holiday’ set with a unicorn effect, these are so good for glitzing up your nails an hour before your night out!

The glue is also amazing and they last for weeks without coming off once. They are amazing and have set a reputation for ‘stick on nails’ that are perfect for every occasion. I have also attached the website link below. Seriously girls, I recommend!


By Megan Lily. x

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